What are the benefits and disadvantage of prescription contact lenses?

Prescription Contact lenses are beneficially for those people who do not see clearly. These lenses are safe for eyes but if wear too long it can damage your eyes. It has benefits or side effects both. It is upon you who can you used lenses.

Contact lenses are medical devices but do not wear without a doctor’s prescription.


Benefits of contact lenses

  • Contact lenses are more comfortable than wear glasses. it has a heavy frame.
  • Glasses can distort vision because eyes and glasses have distance, contact lenses have on the eye which provides clear vision.
  • Contact lenses have given the opportunity for eyes to look natural.
  • Contact lenses are providing much better vision than glasses.
  • Easy drive and play sport with wearing contact lenses.
  • While wearing contact lenses you can also wear sunglasses..

The Disadvantage of contact lenses

  • Allergic reactions to chemicals in cleaning solutions
  • Infection
  • Cracked lenses
  • Protein deposits on the lenses
  • Irritation of the cornea
  • Conjunctivitis [pink eyes]
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Complications in the eyelid
  • Damage to the top layer of the cornea by misplaced lenses


Benefits and disadvantage of  Prescription contact lenses

Replaced contact lenses within one week, one month or four-month


  • If you replace lenses within one month it is good for eyes.
  • Eyes do not get an infection for regularly used of same lenses.
  • In the packet of contact lenses is clearly mention expiry date.


  • Lenses are expensive, not everyone has the ability to replace time to time.
  • Handling contact lenses are difficult.
  • It does not a correct eye related problem.

Only used soft and flexible lenses which provide oxygen to eyes


  • These lenses do not need to clean.
  • Good for eyes.
  • It is available in bifocals and tints.
  • These contact lenses are comfortable


  • These lenses are changed according to fashion.
  • To care for these lenses you can visit the center for these lenses.


General tips

  • Do not wear contact lenses daily.
  • Always wash your hands before wearing contact lenses.
  • Do not interchange lenses [right eyes have right lens and left eyes have left lens.]
  • Do not sleep wearing contact lenses.
  • Put contact lenses in their box.
  • Clean lenses with rinse, disinfect.
  • Do not rub eyes.
  • Do not wash eye, while wearing contact lenses.
  • When you feel uncomfortable and eyes are hurts than do not wear lenses.