Is Eye Makeup Harm Your Eyes?

Normally girls wearing makeup, to look gorgeous and pretty. It is an essential part of girls and women for a living. In the market, there are lots of different products of makeup. Now a day, eye makeup is in trendy, there are different types of eye makeup according to eyes and face. There are some rules of makeup, that should be followed by everyone who used makeup or eye makeup. Is makeup affect our skin or eye? No, if used by properly with care. If eye makeup no used properly it affects our eyes and vision.

Eye makeup

Some causes of eye makeup:

  • Eye infection
  • Eyes affected with toxic materials of makeup
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Allergic
  • Itching
  • Dry eyes
  • Bacterial infections

bacterial infections

To keep eyes healthy and beautiful, there are some tips when applying eye makeup:

  • Don’t apply eye makeup and eyeliner inside the lash line

Mostly girls and women used eyeliner and eye pencil inside the lash lining, because of this oil gland of eyes are block, these oil glands protect the cornea. Bacteria are also introduced directly to eyes.

  • Always read the material which is used in eye makeup

Yes, it is important to read the label of material which is used in eye makeup. There are some harmful material which is used in eye makeup should be avoided like:-

  • Phthalates
  • Urea
  • Kohl
  • BHA [butylated hydroxyanisole]
  • Sulfates
  • talc

Some materials cause cancer and serious eye disease.

  • Do not use eye makeup before three months

Throw eye makeup after 3 months, on the behalf of girls and women it is not easy to throw makeup in every 3 months. Every cosmetic product has there own life to using, the expiry date is according to a company. Old makeup has 80% chance of fungus and bacteria, which affects eyes completely or partly.

  • Say no to Glitter

Glitter has sparkles which cause redness and itching in the eyes, eyeshadows have also infection and irritation. Daily use of glitter and eyeshadow can damage eyes.

  • Remove makeup at night with right product

Do not sleep wearing makeup, mascara and eyeliner have increased the chances of bacterial to build eyelid inflammation. Use proper product of makeup remove, wrong product is more harmful. Clean face properly.

  • Don’t share makeup with anyone

Yes, do not share makeup with anyone, using others brush and eyeshadows are cause cross-infection. Everyone has their own skin problem and bacteria, using others makeup can harm skin and eyes.

  • Wash brushes

Wash brushes regular interval of time, brushes contain bacteria, germs, and dirt. Using dirty brushes is harm eyes, bacterias are spreading whole eyes and it causes serious eye problem.

warm brush

General Tips

  • Do not use makeup regularly.
  • Used only branded makeup, if you have not enough budget to purchase branded makeup, buy makeup of normal brand.
  • Do not apply makeup in the lining of eyes.
  • Do not apply makeup while driving the car.
  • Wash makeup with antibacterial remover at night.
  • Do not use others makeup.
  • Change makeup kit within 3 months.
  • Do not use expiry makeup.
  • Test products before buy.
  • Apply natural product.