What is a lazy eye? What are the treatments for lazy eyes?

Lazy eye [Amblyopia]

Lazy eye and amblyopia are same, it occurs when the eye does not see correctly with contact lenses and prescription glasses. In this condition Brain and the eye does not work together. In some cases, one eye is affected but in most of the case lack of visual acuity in both the eyes. It mostly occurs in early childhood [before 6], it reduced vision. Make sure children have a clear vision in both the eyes and eyes the working properly. Lazy eye or amblyopia is connected with crossed eye or strabismus, it is a condition when eyes are directed at two different points.

lazy eye

Symptoms of lazy eyes

  • Abnormal results of vision screening tests
  • Significant favoring of one eye
  • Poor vision in one eye
  • Squinting or shutting of an eye
  • An eye that moves inward or outward
  • Eyes do not work together
  • Poor depth perception
  • Head tilting

Causes of lazy eyes

Lazy eyes occur strabismus or crossed eye, it may occur a difference between farsightedness or nearsightedness of eye.

  • Imbalance muscle

The lazy eye has a most common cause is an imbalance of muscle, it causes eyes cross or turn out. One eye focuses better than another eye.



  • Vision has different sharpness

Glasses and contact lenses are used to correct this problem. Sometimes the difference between in farsightedness or nearsightedness of the eyes is known as astigmatism. Combination of refractive problem and strabismus occurs in children’s eye.

Treatment for lazy eye

Best age of treatment for lazy eye in children is 7 to 17, in this age easily get the response for the treatment. It is important to get treatment for amblyopia as soon as possible. Treatment of lazy eye is depended upon the condition of eyes.  

  • Surgery– If the eye is cataracts, it needs surgery. The doctor can repair eye muscles through surgery.
  • Bangerter filter– It also works as eye patch but it is on glasses of a strong eye. It can blurry vision of strong eye which helps concentrate on the weak eye.
  • Corrective eyewear– Wearing correct glasses and contact lenses can solve the problem of astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness.
  • Eye patches- Doctors suggest eye patches to children, wear eye patches [2-6 hours a day] to stronger eye It can help the weaker eye to make strong.
  • Eyedrops- Using eye drops twice a week, it can make blurry vision strong.

general tips

General Tips

  • Checkup of child regular basis.
  • Get the eye exam.
  • Knowledge of blurry vision, poor vision, and no vision.
  • Always wear prescribed glasses and contact lenses.
  • Do exercise at home with children with a strong vision.
  • Wash eyes with cold water.
  • Vision therapy.
  • Try exercise with a mobile app.
  • Do eye patches.